American Smoke Review

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E-Cigarette that looks like a real cigaretteThe American Smoke E-Cigarette is the number one electronic cigarette. The apparatus looks, feels and tastes just like a real cigarette. The company will send you an exclusive starter kit with a stainless atomizer with lithium-ion rechargeable battery. The USB charger can be hooked into a wall charger or with the computer. The starter kit contains five full flavored nicotine cartridges. There is a hard plastic carrying case to transport the materials as well as a designer display box. There is also a 20 page instruction manual with a life time warranty on the product. The American Smoke E-Cigarette is made with pride and built to last. Electronic cigarettes can be smoked in places traditional cigarettes cannot: like airplanes and airports; restaurants and cafes; bars and night clubs; and hotels and cruise ships.

Benefits of E-cigs

Nicotine users can still get the nicotine they crave through American Smoke E-cig products. No longer will those around you have to deal with second hand smoke or the smell of smoke on your clothes. Now you can smoke indoors without fear of affecting others negatively. No longer will there be bad odors on clothes, breath or furniture. Smokers can save money (up to $1,000 a year) on the growing prices of cigarettes and stay close to the ones they love. Users only need one pack and the long lasting flavor cartridges. Users should try the one year challenge and see how much money stays in the users’ pocket. This truly is the smoker’s best choice.

The American Smoke E-Cig is a battery powered device. It provides smokers with nicotine delivery system similar to traditional cigarettes. The body absorbs the nicotine through the lungs. The user exhales a cloud of water vapor which looks like a puff of smoke. The vapor also provides flavor and a physical sensation similar to inhaled tobacco smoke. However, no smoke or combustion is involved in this process.

Users of American Smoke E-Cig products get some of the best customer service with quick response. Users can now smoke the electronic cigarettes anywhere, even at their desks at work. Users are saving hundreds of dollars. This product can even be delivered to your home. This saves their users money and time. This is a great alternative to the traditional cigarettes which are just too pungent to continue smoking in the long term. Electronic cigarettes are the wave of the future of nicotine use. They are poised to replace traditional cigarettes in the years to come.

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